About Me

I grew up in South Western Ontario; the small little tobacco town of Delhi. My grandparents immigrated from Germany after WWII and began their life there farming. Growing up, I use to spend a lot of time on the farm; helping Opa plow,disc, plant,fertilize, and cultivate crops, but I mostly enjoyed spending time with Oma.

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized Oma played an important role on the farm. While Opa was a “farmer” making money for the family she was “homesteading.” One of my fondest things to do with her was gardening and canning the fruits of her labour.

When I was 18 years old I moved to Ottawa; man that was an eye opener coming from a population of 10,000. I fell in love, married my darling husband and was raising two beautiful children there, but something was missing. It wasn’t until the children were in middle school that I realized the hustle and bustle of city life was dragging me and my family down.

In 2013, we downsized and purchased our first country home. It certainly wasn’t much, but we extensively renovated and made it our own. While doing this, I thought to myself, life is good; why do I still not feel whole.

Through self awareness and soul searching, I realized I needed to do more than omit the city out of the country girl. To be truly grateful of the woman I was becoming I needed to go back to my roots and try homesteading for myself and family.

I started small by growing our own food in the form of fruits and vegetables. Then I added a few chickens for eggs. Man I can tell you that having chickens is addicting; I went from 6 to 60 in one year, along with having ducks and guinea fowl. Now don’t get me wrong they all serve a purpose here. I also became the proud owner of cows and honey bees.

I decided that I would like to try to make a business out of what I loved doing. I researched ways to expand my knowledge of what so far was considered to be a hobby. My plan in the beginning was to change design of the land and through innovation and relationships of others the company would work in harmony with nature, finding ways to feed and eliminate waste in our community; In return, this would mutually nurture all species and parties involved.

Simple Life Homestead was developed in 2018. It’s a small scale family run business and clientele has only been by word of mouth. The main focus is on the sale of farm fresh eggs, honey & maple syrup and related products, artisan breads & baked goods, jams jellies pickled goods, and heritage cooking made to order; wow, all of this on a 1 acre lot, impressive. In the future, we hope to purchase our dream homestead to add more animals, vegetables, fruits, and make more homemade products to supply to our clientele; our long term goal is to provide Agritourism, both locally and internationally, along side other offerings.

Why I turned to blogging…

You don’t have to own a lot of property to homestead. You can live in the city and do your part caring for yourself and Mother Earth.

Through my writings, I hope to grow further as a person and entrepreneur. My blog will focus on many different areas of homesteading that will target like minded readers; offering enjoyment and education. 

It’s time for me to be on my way and start blogging, while you dapple with homesteading; just remember, life is short…keep it simple.