Shares & No-hassle Adoptions

Have You Ever Dreamed of Having Animals Without the Hassle of Owning

If you’ve dreamed of having animals, but don’t have the time or your by-laws wont allow you, don’t fret you still have several options to explore without the cost and commitment of owning your own.


Taking some time to connect with nature is your thing but you don’t have the space, time, or zoning then shares are the option for you. When you purchase a share you are agreeing to provide a small amount of sweat equity and reap some benefits as if you owned the animal.

Hive Share $75.00

By purchasing a share, you are entitled to a year’s supply of local fresh raw honey. This is equivalent of 12-500g jars. All you have to do is participate with part of the processing.

*Remember more shares gets you more honey.

No-hassle Adoptions

Are you looking for an amazing gift to give to yourself or someone else then no-hassle adoption is right up your alley. You help provide for your animal without the hassle of owning an animal what you get in return depends on the adoption option.

Hive Adoption $75.00

By adopting a beehive, you will receive a certificate and picture or your hive. Also, a visitation will be scheduled so you can take pictures with your bees.

*Remember the more you adopt the more visits you receive.

*Other add-ons available for purchase.